Our History

Our History

Patrick Morin : The Story

Patrick Morin is a Quebec company that supports its clients in their construction and renovation projects in Quebec.

Patrick Morin’s mission is to be recognized as a Quebec leader in the construction and renovation retail industry and to ensure excellence in customer service through the expertise of a well-trained staff. We are a partner of choice to offer quality products and service for the client, the self-builder as well as for the contractor.


The Starting Point

It was in 1960 that Patrick Morin and his wife, Denise Benny’s family business was born following the acquisition of two sawmills and a small hardware store in the municipality of Sainte-Marcelline- de-Kildare, in the Lanaudière region. Over the years that followed, the small “lumber yard” in Sainte-Marcelline was transformed into a true renovation centre and the “Morin” expertise quickly gained popularity throughout the region.

Over the years, seven of the couple’s nine children have joined forces with Patrick Morin and several new branches have opened their doors. It is with the involvement of this second generation of Morins, as well as the third generation that the company became the one we know today. Since then, Patrick Morin has proven its expertise and supported thousands of clients through their renovation and construction projects.


A Promising Future

The story doesn’t end there! In February 2021, after more than 60 years with the Morin family, the company continues its adventure with Groupe Turcotte, property of Mr. Louis Turcotte, and Home Hardware Stores Ltd. and in March of the same year, M. Daniel Lampron is named vice-president and chief operating officer. Since this transaction, Patrick Morin has continued to achieve its goals and is present when the time comes to meet its clients’ needs.

Even today, the company is committed to offering you the best offers, a wide variety of products and true expert advice, while remaining close to its values:

  • Respect for its employees, clients, and suppliers, but also for standards, differences, and the environment.
  • The teamwork of our enthusiastic, dedicated, and proud people who prioritize collective goals.
  • The effectiveness of our activities which allow us to achieve many quality results and achieve the desired objectives.

Today, Patrick Morin operates 22 branches, all of which aim to offer Quebecers nothing less than the best in construction and renovation. Patrick Morin is a Quebec expertise at your service for more than 60 years.

For excellent advice, a wide choice, and good prices, trust Patrick Morin!